Specific CNC Customized Machine

Customized spring machine’s requirements are welcomed for discussion.

Spring machine’s products are applied in various kinds of industries, especially in products related to usual life. Customized spring machine will be the trend to cater operator’s behavior and also industry 4.0.

Experienced and professional research and development team.

We have our own research and development team and we have served wire/strip forming industry for over 30 years. We dedicated in helping our clients for every customized need. No matter requirements for electrical control or mechanism specification, we can provide you suitable solution with acceptable cost to reach the economic efficiency.

Customized spring machine experience:

FF-206 CNC Filament Former – Especially design for filament forming, online heating treatment and molybdenum cover forming are all available.
CMTA-5 CNC Linear Cutting Machine – Suitable for composite material cutting, cutting edge could be controlled without burrs.
CMT-1 CMC Double Hook Former – 2 end hooks are formed on the machine. There is no need for extra work to form the hook manually.

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