PR Series CNC Piston Ring / Wave Spring Machine

Piston Ring/Wave Spring Machine Features

CNC wave spring machine is designed for any rings with flat wire, such as wave springs and piston rings.

Wave springs application is wide in the industries. PR series CNC wave spring machine is especially designed for any flat wire rings mass production. It is the only machines in the world that can produce both products. Current records of ring outer diameter: 4mm, the smallest wave spring in the world! And it is not our limit, welcome to discuss further about your requirements!

With CNC wave spring machine, end shape can reach high requirements by mold design.

PR series CNC wave spring machine uses stamping to cut the material after the wire has been coiled. The shape of cutting can be easily modified by replacing stamping mold. It can also produce wave springs with high production rate. 

Our wave spring machine’s working flat wire size is wide.

Based on wire diameter, there are 3 models of CNC wave spring machine. To fit different requirements from our clients, we have designed various models of wave spring machine. Find out more at WSF-1, PR-13 and PR-24.

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 Find out more below for each model of wave spring machine / piston ring machine and actual production videos!