TF Series CNC Torsion Spring Machine

Torsion Spring Machine TF Series TF-310
Torsion Spring Machine TF Series TF-320
Torsion Spring Machine TF Series TF-330

Torsion Spring Machine Features

Feature of torsion spring machine: Spindle-coiling with CNC servo motor to control spindle rotating and rising.

The highlight of TF series torsion spring machine is that coils are formed with spindle. It controls the inner diameter with high accuracy. CNC controls the degree resolution to 0.1 degree. TF series is very suitable for mass production.

CNC torsion spring machine is equipped with circle forming plates, allowing adding customized accessories.

Torsion spring machine’s circle forming plated is with 360 degrees. It allows operator to adjust forming slides degree by degree to reach high accuracy. You can also add accessories, such as online heating treatment, heating gun and etc. to combine the processes together with one machine.

Our torsion spring machine’s working W.D. range covers from 0.1mm to 3.0mm.

Based on wire diameter, there are 3 models of CNC Torsion Spring Machine. To fit different requirements from our clients, we have designed various models of torsion spring machine. Find out more at TF-310TF-320 and TF-330.

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