FMB Series CNC Wire Bending Machine

Wire Bending Machine FMB Series FMB-1
Wire Bending Machine FMB Series FMB-2
Wire Bending Machine FMB Series FMB-3

Wire Bending Machine Features

CNC wire bending machine FMB series is especially for 2D wire bending products. Mold changing design is easy and cost-saving.

CNC wire bending machine can make complicate 2D bending movement with easy operation.  It is very suitable for making hooks, rings and holders, etc. Mold design is easy to operate and some tools have been standardized, highly decreasing the mold cost.

FMB series CNC wire bending machine is equipped with a board plane, suitable for adding post-processing engineering.

CNC wire bending machine is equipped with vertical forming mechanism design. It not only solving the problem of banking but also brings a good development space for adding accessories. For example, end side chamfering, visual inspection or post-processing engineering.

Our wire bending machine’s working W.D. range covers from 0.6mm to 6.0mm.

Based on wire diameter, there are 3 models of CNC Wire Bending Machine. To fit different requirements from our clients, we have designed various models of wire bending machine. Find out more at FMB-1, FMB-2 and FMB-3. 

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