FB Series CNC Wire/Strip Forming Machine

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Spring Machine CF Series CF-320
Spring Machine CF Series CF-330

Wire/Strip Forming Machine Features

Strip forming machine is suitable for mass production.

Strip forming machine is especially for processing strip and wire. It can stamp / cut the material by mold and then bend/ form it by tools. The final product is precise and the production is stable and fast. Compared with press machine, it saves a lot of material waste and decreases the complexity of mold design. 


High economic efficiency, operator can maintain many strip forming machines at the same time.

Strip forming machine’s products are formed with specific mold. Mold is designed based on drawing. This is highly reducing time for maintenance and more friendly for operators.


Different models of strip forming machine are in stock to cater varied requirements.

There are varied kinds of strip forming machine for choices, such as FB-210FB-220 and FB-230. With our experienced research and design team, any other requirements are welcomed for discussion. Contact us to discuss with us straight away!

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