CF Series CNC Spring Machine

Spring Machine CF Series CF-310
Spring Machine CF Series CF-320
Spring Machine CF Series CF-330

Compression Spring Machine Features

Compression spring coiler’s products are applied in various kinds of industries.

Products include compression springs, conical springs, rings, simple torsion springs and etc. Theses springs are applied in electrical industry, medical industry, hardware, hand tools and so on.

Our exclusive design for compression spring machine: 3-axis for wire-feeding, up & down slides and outer diameter.

Compression spring machine is the main and most common spring machine in the industry. To simply the setup procedure, we have upgraded compression spring machine with 3-axis. Exclusive axis design for spring outer diameter enables operator to finish setup complicated springs in a short time. By simply entering the program, it can adjust spring’s outer diameter, pitch, length, and number of coils. It is much easier and time-saving to set up complicated springs with our CF series compression spring coiler.

Our compression spring coiler's working W.D. range covers from 0.03mm to 3.2mm (.0012" to .126")

To fit different requirements from our clients, we have designed various models of , including CF-303CF-308CF-310CF-320 and CF-330. Suitable spring machine will bring you the most efficient production. For example, larger wire diameter springs we would recommend to produce with larger, such as CF-330.

Completed production peripheral equipment for CF series compression spring machine.

This series provides completed production peripheral equipment, such as stereomicroscopes for setting up the machine, spring supporters for producing long compression spring, CCD profile magnifier for monitoring production, and probe gauge to inspect and ensure quality. Standard tools are also available for compression spring machines. Our latest tech for tools: UVw Surface Treatment brings spring production to a greater stability level.

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