LE Series CNC Tension Spring Machine

Tension Spring Machine LE Series LE-208
Tension Spring Machine LE Series LE-210

Tension Spring Machine Features

Not only tension springs, LE series tension spring machine can also form compression springs, simple torsion springs and wire forming!

Spring application covers various kinds of industries. No matter compression springs, tension springs, torsion spring and etc.. And it led to different types of spring need to fit with different types of spring machine. LE series tension spring machine is especially designed to solve this problem. Equipped with standard tools, it is also with the features of CT series Micro Spring Machine. Tension spring machine can form not only tension springs, but also compression springs and torsion springs. It is a multiple used tension spring machine. For standard extension springs, find out more at EF series CNC Extension Spring Machine.

Special tension springs can be formed with LE series tension spring machine.

Tension spring machine LE series is suitable for producing any long extension springs with any forms of hooks. This tension spring machine solves the problem of traditional spring machine’s problems, such as long body length, special hook shapes and etc.. LE series tension spring machine can meet all these requirements.

Our tension spring machine’s working W.D. range covers from 0.1mm to 1.0mm.

To fit different requirements from our clients, we have designed various models of tension spring machine. Find out more at LE-208LE-210.

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