PF Series CNC Air Coil Winding Machine

Air Coil Winding Machine Features

Feature of air coil winding machine: Spindle-coiling with CNC servo motor to control spindle rotating and rising. Copper type could be round wire and flat wire.

The highlight of PF series air coil winding machine is that air coils are formed with spindle. It controls the inner diameter with high accuracy and makes air coils can fit in the desired die. PF series solve the problem of cooper wire’s coating and softness. It can process any type of air coils with round wire or flat wire, such as alpha winding air coil, rectangular air coil, multi-layer air coil and so on.

Working with LP series and FLP series stripper, PF series air coil winding machine could do stripping and coiling on the machine.

We provide complete peripheral equipment and customized design, such as wire straightening, stripping, soldering. No matter round copper wire or flat copper wire, stripper can work with CNC air coil winding machine. The following process, like soldering, can also add soldering unit on to make the process completed.

Our air coil winding machine’s working W.D. range covers from 0.3mm to 5.0mm.

Based on wire diameter, there are 3 models of CNC air coil winding machine. To fit different requirements from our clients, we have designed various models of air coil winding machine. Find out more at PF-320PF-335 and PF-350.

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