PRODUCTSCT Series CNC Micro Torsion Spring Former

  Small compression springs, torsion springs and extension springs can be made with CT series. It is preciser and morer stable than any other machines on the market, so it is more suitable to make micro torsion springs or special torsion springs.  The coiling point can move in three-dimensional directions, plus up and down forming slides, it can form more complicated torsion springs and extension springs. 
   Micro torsion springs, regular torsion springs, ball-point pen springs, battery springs, wire forming, strip forming, spiral springs, hair springs, magazine springs, zig zag springs, resistance springs, filaments can all be produced with CT series. The products can be applied to various industries, such as magazine gun, toy gun, heat sink, mobile slide hinge, dental brace, medical parts, remote controller, bulb filament, clipper, key board, low voltage switch, push botton, camera, locks, electric components, auto parts and many others.