PRODUCTS CT Series CNC Micro Spring Machine


Feature Of Product

  1. A multi-functional machine which can produce compression springs, torsion springs and extension springs.
  2. Wide applications, including pen springs, battery springs, magazine springs, spiral springs, hair springs, zig zag springs, dental brace, fuse, extension springs, bi-metal springs, filaments, heater springs, wire formings, strip forming and other kinds of special springs.
  3. Preciser and more stable than any other torsion spring machine on market and it is particularly suitable for producing micro torsion springs or special torsion springs.
Item Specification
Wire diameter(steel wire) Ø0.1~0.8 mm
Max. outside diameter Ø20 mm
Axis 2 axis
Winding direction left hand/ right hand
Feed roller pair 1
Machine dimension(W/L/H) 760/880/1550(mm)
Machine net weight 300kg


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