PRODUCTS FB Series CNC Wire/Strip Forming Machine


Feature Of Product

  1. Suitable for production of precise wire formings and strip formings in high speed.
  2. Stamped by mold, parts dimension is precise.
  3. Lower material consumption, compared with press machine.
  4. Simpler mold design and easy to maintain.
  5. Production speed is higher than spring former and the dimension is more accurate as well.
  6. Modular design gives more flexibility in production, feeding direction can be changed according to production requirements.
Item Specification
Wire diameter Ø0.4~2.0 mm
Strip thickness 0.1~1.0 mm
Strip width 20 mm
Axis 2 axis
Machine dimension(W/L/H) 1100x1800x1900mm
Machine net weight 1500kg


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