PRODUCTS CF Series CNC Spring Machine


Feature Of Product

  1. For producing small compression springs in high speed, for example: helical, conical, hourglass, barrel type springs.
  2. Both round and flat wire can be coiled, spring free length is unlimited
  3. Three-axis servo controlled, spring outside diameter, pitch and length can be changed simply by modifying program, which is especially suitable for set up complicate compression springs and it  can greatly shortens set up time.
  4. Tool treatment technology is available for customer's choice, the production speed can be increased by 30~50% and tool life can be increased as well.
  5. Complete peripheral equipment, such as stereomicroscope, spring holder and CCD profile magnifier.
Item Specification
Wire diameter(Steel wire) Ø0.1~0.8 mm
Ø.0039 - .0314"
Max. outside diameter Ø20 mm
Axis 3 axis
Winding direction left hand/ right hand
Feed roller pair 1
Machine dimension(W/L/H) 900x880x1400(mm)
Machine net weight 300kg


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